Hilarious Tweets From the Lawrence, Kansas Police Department

©Wikimedia Commons

I think it’s safe to say that police departments are not usually known for their humor or for their funny social media accounts.

But the police department in Lawrence, Kansas is very popular because of the funny and witty tweets that they send off on a regular basis.

As a former resident of Lawrence, these tweets bring a big smile to my face.

This is one police department that is definitely different in the Twitter-verse.

1. Don’t believe the hype.

2. Please put on some clothes.

3. Don’t be a dummy.

4. A science lesson.

5. Not worth it.

6. Burrito King rules!

7. Doesn’t matter. At all.

8. Stupid is as stupid does.

9. Haven’t really progressed much.

10. The most important thing.

11. Don’t hog the meat.

12. We’ll help you out!

13. Hahahahaha. LOL.

Funny stuff! Who knew?!?!

Do you know of any other official departments that have hilarious Twitter pages?

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