12 Tweets That Boost Your Whole Vibe

Source: @RAINBERRYROGUE on Twitter

Look at me. Look at what I’ve become.

I’m in a foul mood and I need something to help put me in a better mood…because I’ve been down in the dumps for WAY too long. So what to do…?

Wait! I think I got it! Just stick with me here…

I think the best plan of action is to look at hilarious tweets that are sure to make you laugh and then, my friends, we’ll all be on our way to being in better moods.

Food will taste better, the air will be fresher, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So let’s enjoy these memes and have some good laughs.

1. They sure were!

But love won’t be stopped!

2. I’m on board with this!

Why not, right?

3. This kid is going places.

And yes, it is depressing!

4. We’ll try anything at this point.

Might as well…

5. This is smart.

Keep track of all of it.

6. Yikes…sorry about that.

Not the greatest look.

7. Take it back!

Also, the marriage is off.

8. Oh, Mom…

Don’t say that again!

9. I’m supposed to know this?

I can’t answer that question.

10. I’m fine.

It’s not bad at all.

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We want jokes, memes, tweets, photos, etc.!

Please and thank you, friends!