The Netherland Dazzles the World with Honeybee Bus Stops

Photo Credit: Pixabay

With global warming on the rise, many countries have started initiatives for clean water, energy conservation, and decreasing air pollution. Because the Netherlands is below sea-level, it has been a forward-thinking, technologically savvy country since its inception. According to Campaign,

“The Netherlands is one of the most powerful creative economies in the world…its pioneering inhabitants have…embraced the sort of creative risk-taking that has led to unpredictable outcomes. It is this sort of divergent thinking that has made it possible for the Dutch to imagine, design and construct workable solutions on a grand scale.”

And they have. Recently, many bus shelter roofs around Utrecht have received a beautiful upgrade. Made up of sedum flowers, one of the top bee-attractive flowers, these stunning roofs are a gift to the humble honeybee. Sedum are a perfect city selection, as the plant is extremely hardy and can withstand both high heat and drought.


These 316 shelters not only promote honeybee health but are made to store precious rainwater and capture fine dust. All told, these changes help with the environment, air pollution, and energy conservation. Quite creative!

But that’s not all. The city installed bamboo benches and energy-efficient LED lights in each station, and the city workers responsible for the upkeep on the shelters drive around in electric vehicles.

Holland is continuing its greening efforts and hopes to have 55 electric buses in operation by December 2020. This will tie into what Holland is perhaps best known for: windmills. The electric buses will primarily be powered by wind energy from Dutch windmills.

Truly amazing to see such a creative country really bucking down to make their society green.