This Brutal Horoscope From 1979 Absolutely Destroys Every Zodiac Sign

A lot of people are into astrology. You know, the study of how cosmic elements may or may not relate to events in our lives and the lives of others.

There are plenty of people who are completely devoted to astrology and use tools like horoscopes to make decisions about their lives.

Whether or not you’re one of those people, you have to admit that sometimes, those horoscopes are spookily accurate.

This horoscope from 1979 isn’t a traditional horoscope in a lot of ways. Someone definitely wrote this to roast each zodiac sign.

We’re not censoring this one, but we’re also not going to reprint it because it’s clearly written in a different time where people didn’t have as much sensitivity for mental health. If you want to see what it says, you can look at the photo. Warning… it’s harsh.

It all started when a woman named Wendy shared the horoscope on Twitter:

People were immediately curious and started having huge reactions to the 1979 horoscope.

Here’s what it says:

As you might expect, people were immediately aghast after reading what the horoscope writer had to say about them.

And it makes sense — as a Capricorn, I definitely relate to this tweet.

Others definitely felt like this horoscope is relatable content:

One person has an excellent theory: a Taurus is absolutely the author of this 1979 horoscope.

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