How An Abandoned Street Cat Became An Internet Sensation

America loves rags-to-riches stories, and the whole world loves a good cat tail – er, tale – so it’s easy to see why the story of Benson the Former Street Cat is really tugging at our heartstrings.

We’ve all got those stray cats around the neighborhood, or maybe near our workplace. We feed them, we pet them (at our own risk), and we think about taking them home or to a shelter if they would let us catch them.

These people managed just that, and after they got him home and named him Benson, they decided his personality just let itself to a daring and wonderful wardrobe.

Seriously, this cat dresses better than I do. Which I guess really isn’t that hard.

See for yourself in these 14 pictures of super debonaire looks.

14. He’s rocking that cape.

The superhero we all need.

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13. He’s absolutely fabulous.

Your grandma wishes she looked this good.

12. It is wrong I want to know what products he uses?

Because I could use a good spa day.

11. I say, my good man.

How do you get your tail so fluffy?

10. His eyes just pierce your soul.

Yes, even through the sunglasses.

9. He has deep thoughts to think.

And hit lyrics to pen, obviously.

8. A knight for sure.

Even the Queen couldn’t resist him.

7. You caught him before he had his face on.

But he still looks fabulous.

6. That look on his face.

It tells you everything you need to know about his attitude.

5. Howdy ma’am.

Will you be needin’ an escort home so late at night?

4. Have you ever seen a more fabulous cat?

I wonder if that hat comes in human sizes.

3. This is the stuff of dreams.

That hair really tops it off (pun intended).

2. Happy Birthday, I guess.

Is there a tuna cake around here somewhere?

1. The once and future king.

He will be taking no arguments.

He’s got over 230k followers on Instagram, so I guess cat influencers are now a thing.

But you probably knew that already.