How Opening A Store Credit Card Totally Tanked This Woman’s Finances

There’s an excellent chance that if you are a human being who has shopped in a chain store, you have been approached about opening a credit card for that particular store. They try to suck you in with discounts on your initial purchase, the promise that you can cancel right away, and doe-eyed cashiers who are all in on some kind of sales contest.

Many of us have also been sucked in and learned the hard way that the interest rates on those cards are terrible, but what happened to this woman seems next level.

Image Credit: TikTok

She was checking out with a single $9 can of paint at Home Depot when she was suckered in by a well-meaning (probably) cashier asking her to open a store credit card.

Looking back, she’s not even sure she remembers that it was a credit card and not a store rewards card, but that point is sort of moot now.

Shortly after putting the $9 can of paint on the card she went on a summer-long trip with only access to email, and never thought about the card – or paying it – again.

At least, not until she applied for a mortgage and found the past-due and unpaid balance (of $9 plus interest and fees) had dropped her credit score over 100 points.

Image Credit: TikTok

She admits it was a mistake to forget about the card, but people in the comments were a little harsh about it – who among us has not forgotten a bill at one time or another?

Image Credit: TikTok

Anyway, enjoy her little PSA and be careful opening those store accounts for the initial discount.


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You’ll want to remember to cancel it or always pay the balance in full if you do – which is honestly great advice for all of your credit cards.

Well that, and try not to forget about them. I promise they won’t forget about you.