How Reopening Looks at 11 Restaurants Around the World

Photo Credit: Twitter

Slowly restaurants around the globe are reopening after weeks of shutdown mandates.

There are many arguments for and against dining in public places, but most restaurants are serving customers while working with widely accepted guidelines to keep everyone safe.

From biometrics to barriers, the hope is to keep eateries open, workers employed and service as hygienic as possible.

Here are 11 restaurants that are making big efforts.

1. A thermal monitor at work at a McDonald’s in Hong Kong.

Your internal temperature at-a-glance.


2. A robot delivers food at a Beijing restaurant.

But will it bring you more ranch?

3. Restaurant in Spain posted the menu to Instagram.

Now you don’t have to touch a dirty, sticky menu.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

4. At a McDonald’s in Beijing.

Customers must submit to a temperature check and registration at the door. All staff wear masks and the temperatures of staff are listed on takeout items. 

5. At a Starbucks in Taipei.

Customers will see an automatic hand sanitizer as they walk in and all the seats are divided from one another with a clear barrier.

6. Japanese restaurant uses barriers in the dining room.

These actually divide a single table in two. Seen in Tokyo.

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. At a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Yardbirds put up booth dividers.

8. At a restaurant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Din Tai Fung has moved their tables to be 6-feet apart and all the servers wear masks. 


9. Seen at restaurants in Hong Kong.

They give you bags for you to store your mask while eating <–brilliant.

Hong Kong restaurants offer you a bag to store your mask while eating
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10. At Maison Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant in Bangkok.

They use plush pandas to guide social distancing in their dining room.


11. At a Starbucks in Hong Kong.

Every other table is taped off.


Some of these tactics may appear invasive or isolating, but they’re necessary as we strive to make dining out as safe as possible. Putting COVID-19 behind us is the ultimate goal. Soon we’ll be able to enjoy a bite or a coffee out with friends again. In the meantime, keep your distance and wash your hands.

What’s your opinion about these measures? Are they enough or are you ready for a return to normal? Let us know in the comments.