How Screwed Would You Be if You Were Unable to Lie? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Have you ever pondered this question before…?

How much would your life be turned upside down if you couldn’t lie anymore?

While you think about that, check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

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You got this.

“I am already very skilled at giving a version of the truth without lying.

Life as a civil servant does that to you.”

There you go.

“I’ll find someone who’s unable to tell the truth.

Together we’ll guard a pair of doors.”

Uh oh…

“I wouldn’t be able to lie when people ask me how my day is going.

‘I’d be doing a lot better if you weren’t the 37th person who asked me that today while actually not caring about the answer and only ask as it’s socially expected and is the most common introduction to a conversation. But beyond that, fine, and you?”

Some good advice.

““Hard to say” covers:

I don’t know.

I know, but it’s none of your business.

I know, but it would be embarrassing to answer it.

I know, but you would get pissed off at me if I answered honestly

I know, but it’s really complicated.

I just don’t like talking to you.”

You’re in trouble.

“With the amount of false promises I’m forced to give out every day?

Yeah. I’ll probably lose everything pretty quickly.”

One little problem.

“Probably get fired from work the next time I talk to my boss.

Otherwise no issues, I don’t lie (about anything of worth at least) in my personal life.”

I’d miss that…

“In general, the only time I lie is when I tell massive, barefaced lies to wind people up.

I’d miss doing that, but tbh it’s probably quite an annoying habit of mine anyway!”

Not too much different.

“Should be ok.

Probably just less funny (to me) as I won’t be able to make up stupid answers to all the dumb questions I get asked.”

Uh oh.

“I do IT support, and the amount of small lies you use the whole day…

Mainly along the lines of agreeing with the caller that their issue is the most important.”

You’ll be fine.

“Not very, I try to tell the truth as much as possible which can make me unlikable to some.

Other than the small talk lies we all tell.”

Lying to yourself.

“I really try not to lie, because I feel that as long as you’re not breaking the law, there are no consequences to your actions as an adult. It’s your choice what you do with your life.

However, I lie to myself all the time. Mostly about how much I drink and what I eat. In that regard, I am completely f**ked.”

Well, look at you.

“Probably nothing.

Lying gets you in trouble cause you have to remember both what happened and what you said happen.

Far easier to tell the truth but use the words that best favor you. That way no one can ever doubt your honesty.”

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