How to Adopt a Dog Who Failed Government Training for Being ‘Too Nice”

Photo Credit: iStock

It takes a special sort of dog to be a working TSA or service dog. Those dogs have to be loyal, sharp, and able to resist oodles of humans dying to pet them.

Dogs being dogs, there are a lot of dogs who just can’t quite meet that last qualification. They’re too nice! Or they might be too timid or not motivated enough.

Luckily, the dogs who drop out of government training are put up for adoption.

When all you want is a cute companion, being “too nice” is hardly disqualifying! On the contrary, it’s a major selling point.

You can adopt one of these dogs through organizations such as Freedom Service Dogs of America, Mission K9, or Service Dogs Inc. Even the TSA has a program to adopt out those pups that don’t make it through their training program (though about 83 percent of their dogs do graduate, per an Instagram post).


These organizations work to match doggie training dropouts with families who will love ’em even if the only “job” they do is sniffing out crumbs on the kitchen floor.

Some of the dogs’ reasons for dropping out are just the dang cutest.

Like Rogue, for example. He dropped out of training with Freedom Service Dogs of America because he couldn’t stop eating rocks. Hey, what are you gonna do?


In addition to adopting a dropout dog, you can also adopt a dog who was a successful working dog but is now ready to retire.

All dogs are good dogs, whether they qualify for a job or not!