How to Renew Your Passport in Just 24 Hours

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Do you have a vacation coming up, like, tomorrow? Getting or renewing a passport typically takes forever — several weeks, at the minimum. But there is a way to cut that processing time down to as little as 24 hours, if you have the funds.

A service called RushMyPassport works with FedEx to provide passports and passport renewals with a mere 24-hour turnaround time. The company is able to do this with the help of hand couriers, who sprint to a US passport agency as soon as they receive your documentation.

So, if you ever completely misread the expiration date on your passport, only to be SOL because your trip is in a week… Well, you do have options!

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But it will cost you. An overnight renewal from RushMyPassport costs $449. There are other expedited options: two-day service is $399, and a 10- to 14-day turnover time will cost $99. Those fees are in addition to the US Government’s $170 passport renewal processing fee.

There are other situations where this service can come in handy, too. Some countries require visitors’ passports to be valid for several months past the planned end of their stay, so even if your passport isn’t expired, you may still need to renew it before leaving.

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Those who use RushMyPassport’s service still have to jump through all of the hoops of bureaucracy, though. You have to provide proof of identity, proof of citizenship, and proof of travel.

Also, if you’re applying for a new passport, you have to visit a Passport Acceptance Agent in person to verify that you are a person. RushMyPassport can only do so much!