Learn The Psychological Trick That Can Help You Release Old Experiences For Good

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Letting go of the past is hard. Even when we think we’re finally over a difficult event like a breakup or death, the slightest unexpected thing can trigger a flood of memories and pain. But that doesn’t have to be the case forever. There’s a way to trick your brain into releasing past experiences for good, according to Brianna Wiest at Thought Catalog.

Brianna writes that the most hurtful experiences are those that were based in a strong desire or craving. For example, a breakup hurts because you really want that love to work out. A death hurts because you really want that person to stay in your life, and they can’t.

So, you have to figure out the desire that is at the root of your pain, let go of your attachment to it, and then find a way to give yourself that desire now.

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First, she advises that you re-enter the memory and speak directly to your younger self as they go through this difficult experience.

“Imagine sitting next to your younger self as they got their heart broken and giving them very specific instructions about why this is absolutely for the best and that though they cannot know it yet, there is another relationship out there far, far better. Most importantly, imagine telling your younger self that absolutely everything — yes, everything — is going to be okay… You have to do this in order to release the old attachment, and allow that part of yourself to reattach to the present moment, and what exists within it.”

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It seems straightforward, but if you can really focus on performing this task, it can make a big difference.

Then, you can move on to manifesting your desires for love, companionship and fulfillment now.