How Would You Spend $100,000 Only on Hobbies You Already Have? Here Are 15 People’s Answers.


Oh, man, just thinking about this question really gets me excited!

If I was given $100,000 and had to spend it on hobbies I already have, I’d buy a lot of old movie posters, a lot of horror movie memorabilia, and a lot of vintage hockey stuff: shirts, autographs, hats, etc.

What would you do if you were given $100,000 and had to spend it on your current hobbies?

AskReddit users weighed in with their thoughts.

1. Two good things.

“A new PC and a sewing machine! I’ve been hand sewing masks for my community and I’ve never wished for a sewing machine more in my life right now.

Each mask takes so long to make haha. I have a lot of time now (since being furloughed). But it does keep me busy and my mind off things for a bit.”

2. Knittin’ and readin’.

“I’d buy so much yarn and needles and books and patterns for knitting. Then spend the rest on actual books for reading and collecting.”

3. Get busy with those hands.

“A new woodworking shop and use what little is left on some tools I’ve wanted but didn’t have the moneyor the room for them.”

4. That’s a good hobby to have.

“Weekend photographer.

I could spend that in an hour at B&H, easy.”

5. A tank?!?!

“I collect military stuff!

Pretty sure I can get a tank or armored vehicle for roughly that price!”

6. The work of an artist.


Every Copic marker color.

An easel.

Paint palette.

Some paintbrushes.

Good, quality drawing paper.

Picture frame.

Some really qualify pencils.

Spend the rest of my life figuring out what to do with the rest.”

7. This sounds great.

“Oh I’m flying to some remote island, buying myself a pro-camera(so pro I can snap a drop of rain as it falls), and just photographing/naming every bird/creature I encounter.

Maybe spend so much time there that I get to know each bird individually, “oh keka is flying a lil low today, must be the hatchings”.”

8. Time to shine!

“This is my time to shine!

Current hobbies are: Wood working – I would buy a router table, planes, jointer to make my wonderful wife the dining room table she always deserved

Leather working – I would buy a better pricking iron set, more leather and a few acrylic patterns to make christmas presents for friends and family.

Welding – I need more metal to work on a covered patio for my neighbor so he can still be outside, he has sun spots and should not be in the sun too much, but he loves to be outside.

Gardening/chicken raising – I am so new to these I don’t have a freaking clue, I inherited the neighbors but I don’t want to disappoint, I can grow the shit out of a tomato though.

Painting – I need more hard board, need more oils, need more paint in general. Maybe a projector too so I can blow up my drawings and paint the HUGE! Currently I just grid the small ones and make the grid on the wall larger and expand them that way. It works but it’s slower.

Video games (tarkov ATM) – a capture card for my 5 y/o to start a YT channel doing his master mode BoTW playthrough, he talks about it ever single day and I would love to edit it for him. Also dual PC setup so my son and I can both stream us playing games side by side (11 year old).

sewing (we making masks y’all) – as much material as we could get to try give as many people masks as possible for free. I respect that some people are charging for them and I understand they need a living, but we are happy to make them for free.”

9. Expensive hobbies.

“My hobbies are being a hockey goalie and motorcycling.

I’ll have no problem spending that hahaha.”

10. I’m coming over.

“A big outdoor kitchen with a gigantic smoker, wood-fired pizza oven and grill. A walk-in freezer and refrigerator, tons of meat, remodel my kitchen with all commercial appliances.

New high-end golf clubs and a professional to teach me how to actually use the new clubs so I spend less time using them as canes while I stroll through the woods looking for my ball.

And a new set of drums with some soundproofing in the basement so I can play without disturbing neighbors.”

11. A rare hobby.

“I’m gonna renovate a room then fill it to the brim with suits of armour from all sorts of different eras. I’d probably have a few genuine pieces, but for that price I’d be happy with some really well made replicas. I’d also have a custom suit made by an armorsmith.”

12. A lot of good stuff.

“Expensive art supplies, a fancy copper kitchen aid mixer, copper cookware, fancy Japanese knives, a baby grand piano!!”

13. A real gearhead.

“I’d buy a used mustang gt as a daily, a used atv, a two stroke dirtbike, a c6 corvette and a hyabusa, and modify the heck out of the corvette and hyabusa.”

14. That’s a great answer.

“I’d put 50 grand into building public DIY skateparks in the city and the other 50 grand on fly fishing trips, guides, and equipment.”

15. Hell yeah!

“I’d buy a new drumkit.

The full set I want is like $10,000. then replacing the drumheads and cracked cymbals over the next 15 years should do away with the rest.”

I had a good time reading those responses from folks!

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