How Your Old Bras Could Get a New Lease on Life

In the 1960s, women burned their bras as a form of protest. As much as women might feel the need to take to the streets these days, hold onto those bras – they just might help the world get a little bit better, after all.

We all know that yards and gardens, trees and flowers, are good for the world. They help repair the ozone, and in our small way, we can help save the bees local to our neighborhoods.

Not to mention that gardening is a hobby that proves to be relaxing, helpful, and full of mental and physical health benefits for many people who practice it.

Image Credit: Pexels

Unfortunately, it can also get expensive, and one of the priciest items on any backyard (or indoor) gardener’s list are pots – seriously, if you haven’t checked out price tags lately, you might want to prepare yourself.

But hey! It turns out you might have a couple of planters in your lingerie drawer, if you’re just willing to step outside the box.


Women are turning their old bras into planters, which is a slightly wild, but also fun and intriguing idea.

The cups are great supports for soil, plants, and flowers.

They’re made to be hung, and yes, many of then are quite pretty.


You don’t trash your old bra, sending it to a landfill, and you get to add a little beauty to the world in the process.


Does that seem like a win/win to you?


The bra planters work both indoors and outdoors, though it might take a bit braver of a person to hang a few of them in place of planters on the front porch.

If this is something you’d do, let’s be friends.

What do you think about this idea? Are you ready to try it? Tell us whether this appeals to you down in the comments!