Hundreds of People Are Apparently Seeing Bigfoot in Pennsylvania

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Are you a Bigfoot believer? Do you live on the east coast of the US? Great news! Pennsylvania now ranks as the third best place to see Bigfoot, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which exists.

The BRFO reports that they have 23,000 Bigfoot sightings on file, and 1340 of them came from Pennsylvania. Accordingly, the state is becoming an increasingly popular place for enthusiasts to go “Bigfoot hunting.” There’s even a local group for it: Pennsylvania Bigfoot Investigations.

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Per the Travel Channel’s blog post on the topic:

“One of Pennsylvania’s most interesting cases involves a mountain biker who, while taking a rest, thought he was watching the back-end of a bear as it rummaged through a downed-tree. The biker’s curiosity turned to shock when the animal stood up. What he thought was a bear was actually a giant 7-foot bipedal creature covered in black hair.”

For what it’s worth, Governor Tom Wolf openly welcomes Bigfoot and all his fans to Penn’s Woods, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. He encourages everyone to “explore one of our beautiful towns or parks, and see what you find.”

The BRFO’s report includes the number of sightings in every county in Pennsylvania, so you can narrow down your search.

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Washington is the most popular state for Bigfoot sightings with 2032 total, followed by California with 1697 sightings. Bigfoot is often associated with the Pacific Northwest, so that’s no surprise — but if you are a Bigfoot believer then you probably knew that already.

Below Pennsylvania, there are five other states that made the BRFO’s list: Michigan (1131 sightings), Ohio (1024 sightings), Oregon (1009 sightings), and Texas (806 sightings).

So maybe you’re feeling intrigued and up for a little jaunt…