Hysterical Teenager Has Gone Viral For Sending Her Mom to Find Guy Who Flipped Her Off While Driving

Photo Credit: Pexels

No one said parenting is easy. After all, there’s a fine line between helping and enabling. And in certain situations, it can be downright difficult to know when it’s appropriate to give tough love or tell your child to grow up.

For one mom, she certainly faced that exact situation recently. Her daughter was driving when a male driver flipped her the bird. Ultimately, her daughter reacted in hysterical fashion and turned to mommy to fix the situation.

In the video seen below, Sydney’s mom can be seen storming outside to track down the alleged middle-finger wielding culprit. The rest of the video mostly consists of the girl tearfully relaying the story of the man giving her the finger as she was driving the speed limit.


Let’s just say Twitter didn’t have any sympathy for her. And for good reason.

Apparently it takes thick skin to drive around New Jersey. If Sydney couldn’t handle a driver flipping her the bird, imagine how much worse it could be in a real road-rage confrontation. Of course, using your mom to fight your battles isn’t going to earn you any street cred.

And let’s just say Sydney’s mom did manage to track down this rude driver. What exactly was she going to do? Flip one back? Get into a fight? Or start her own dramatic TikTok video to one-up her daughter?

It’s too little too late for Sydney to get sympathy from the social media crowd. We’ve all had bad days before, but she took this one way too personal. Her tears inspired many more…only they were from laughing at Sydney’s silly tirade.

Do you think she overreacted? How would you have handled a similar situation? Tell us more in the comments below!