Several Iconic Black Television Shows Will Be on Netflix for the First Time

Photo via Wikipedia Commons and Twitter

If you grew up during the 1990s, odds are you recognize these TV show names: Girlfriends. Sister, Sister. Moesha.

If your heart just leapt out of your body, be prepared to get even more excited. Netflix is bringing back these shows, along with The Parkers, Half & Half, and One on One.

The shows won’t all debut on the streaming platform at the same time. Here’s how Fnr Tigg at Complex explains it:


Moesha and The Game will both hit Netflix in August on the first and 15th respectfully. They’ll be followed by Sister, Sister and Girlfriends which will be available to stream in September.

The Parkers, Half & Half, and One on One will hit the streaming giant in October. Per Shadow and Act, Netflix staggered the releases to give fans the opportunity to revisit all of their favorite shows accordingly.

The official release date for each show is as follows:

  • Moesha: August 1
  • The Game Seasons 1-3: August 15
  • Sister, Sister: September 1
  • Girlfriends: September 11
  • The Parkers: October 1
  • Half & Half: October 15
  • One on One: October 15

People are seriously excited about seeing some of their classic television faves back on the small screen.


And plenty of international Netflix subscribers are hoping to see the same shows in their own country.

Jasmyn Lawson, a media professional who currently runs editorial at Netflix, has also verbalized her excitement for the shows. She noted that they’ve been working out the logistics to bring these shows to the platform “for a very long time.”

Which show do you plan to watch first? It’s pretty amazing to have all these options!

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