If Jesus Was Unavailable, Who Would You Want to Take the Wheel?

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That’s exactly the question someone posed on AskReddit and whoo buddy, did the 15 people below come up with some answers!

#15. As long as it’s not Hammond.


As long as it’s not Hammond, I’ll probably be ok

E: 15 hours in and I’ve been guilded and at over 6k upvotes. Reddit, you’ve made my day. :D”

#14. Trust him to save your life.

“If there’s anyone that I can entrust to save my life, it’s Terry Crews.”

#13. A person of culture.


(Thanks for the Silver! You’re clearly a person of culture.)”

#12. In that order.

“Jewish God, Allah, and then Tom Cruise, in that order.”

#11. There’s always one.

“Jesus doesn’t know how to drive, the car was invented after he died. I would not want him driving my car.”

#10. Never be afraid.

“The Vengeful ghost of Dale Earnhardt.

Edit: thanks for the gold and silver strangers, never be afraid to bring the vengeful ghost of someone you have a childhood photo with into reddit.”

#9. Only happy accidents.

“Bob Ross. Because there is only happy accidents Edit: This comment have made half of my total karma. Thank you, strangers.”

#8. Infinite wisdom.

“Keanu Reeves. keanu’s supernatural power exceeds that of all others mentioned in this thread, I know at least one person who frequently dreams of his infinite wisdom.”

#7. He seems qualified.

“Jason Statham. he seems qualified.”

#6. Either or.

“Mario (I’ll take “Andretti” or “The Plumber”)

Pass on Balati.”

#5. He really likes steering wheels.

“Kimi Räikkönen, he really likes steering wheels.

Wow, thanks for the silver :)”

#4. You knew someone was going there.

“Ricky Bobby.”

#3. A story about a dude.


There’s a story about a dude in ancient Greece falling in a river and being swept by the current and between gasps of air he’s begging the goddess Athena to help him.

Athena appears right next to him and tells him that she’ll help, but he also has to start swimming as well.

It’s the myth behind the saying ‘Συν Αθηνά και χείρα κίνει’ (along with Athena’s help you should also move your arms), meaning you should also try to help yourself, not just rely on higher powers.”

#2. All those arms.

“Vishnu. All those arms, he’s probably a good driver.

Apologies to any Hindu Redditors who take offense to that quip.”

#1. For about a year now.

“Joe Pesci. I’ve been praying to Joe for about a year now.”

Mine? I’d have to go with Mr. Rogers. I feel like he’s a guy you could trust to steer your life nice and steady until you were ready to jump back in.