If People Had Warning Labels, Life Might Be a Bit Easier. What Would Yours Say?

Image Credit: Pixabay

These 15 people are getting brutally honest about what their warning labels would say if we were all forced to wear one, and it’s pretty hilarious. And, really, there’s no getting past the fact that life would be a lot easier if people’s quirks were easily seen up front…

#15. *snort*

“Slippery when wet.”

#14. Good or bad? You decide.

“Warning: Heavy Load.”

#13. You and my grandma.

“Runs with scissors”

#12. I feel this one.

“Warning: Do not leave unattended at Hobby Lobby”

#11. Too bad no one listens.

“Do Not Disturb.”

#10. Disturbing.

“Please do not tap on glass. It disturbs the engineers.”

#9. Sigh.

“Fragile, handle with care


#8. As is.

“Slightly damaged: sold as is”

#7. A common sign, I’m afraid.

“Horny and has lots of feelings”

#6. At your own risk.


#5. “May.”

“Warning :may contain strong language.”

#4. It’s a safety issue.

“⚠️ Warning: Not safe for human consumption.”

#3. The opposite of what you’d expect.

“Warning: should be taken with alcohol.”

#2. Windy.


– Prone to social anxiety, will overthink everything you say

– Will not try to contact you first to spend time together, is under the belief if that is done, you would only accept out of pity”

#1. Like gangbusters.


Mine? “Bites When Provoked.”

It’s just true.