If the Pandemic Never Happened, Here’s What 14 People Would Have Done the Past Few Months

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This year has been a total mess and, for many people, it’s caused them to completely reevaluate their lives.

Which is one positive thing to come out of this awful crisis. People are debating what is really important to them and how they want to live their lives moving forward.

But it’s interesting to consider this question: f this pandemic hadn’t happened, what would you have done the past several months?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Terrible.

“I was scheduled to start my 6 week residential PTSD program in May. It is now closed indefinitely.

Lost my father late April, I imagine I’d still be able to speak with him now if no virus…”

2. No more exploring.

“I would’ve spent my six months exploring Mexico during my gap year actually exploring Mexico rather than every corner of my apartment in Mexico…”

3. Sorry for your loss.

“About the same thing except I would’ve had my mom to joke around with.

Now I joke to myself while her urn sits on a shelf in the living room corner. I would’ve gotten to go through my senior year of high school with her being there by my side in a literal sense.

I would have no money at all, but no amount of money Social Security can give me will ever be worth losing my mom at 17.

I feel awful about those who are younger than me that are going through the same situation as me.”

4. Supposed to be celebrating.

“I beat cancer last year.

This was supposed to be my f*ck cancer travel year before going back to work. In april I was taking my dad to Iceland with me for a nerd convention.

After that, I was going to take our 4×4 truck and spend 3mo or more on the road. Visiting national parks, museums, sight seeing, camping. I just some west coast in Feb to mid march

I’ve stayed home since mid March.”

5. Have to take it later.

“I wouldve hopefully passed my driving test.

I failed it in March and weeks later Covid hit the UK.

Haven’t driven since, im not even sure I remember how to drive.”

6. Working overtime.

“I would have had to work only 40 hours a week instead of the 70 that I have.

The stupid clients assume that since people are at home and under the fear of losing their jobs, we can overwork them to insanity.”

7. Land of the rising NOPE.

“I would have taken a kick *ss trip to Japan which would have been way outside of my budget!”

8. That’s too bad.

“My wife and I are opera singers: this was our big breakout year.

A good number of contracts with very reputable opera houses
that would take us to the next level. We were gonna buy a house…

All of our contracts for the next 18 months were canceled and we won’t be singing anytime soon since most companies have closed.

We’ve shifted careers at this point. Or at least are trying to…”

9. The wedding is postponed.

“My partner of 15 years and I decided to get officially married, have a big party and everything, everything supposed to happen October this year. Then COVID hit.

We were bummed for a while but relieved that so far COVID didn’t affect our families. Then we decided to call it off and spend the money on buying a house, that we would do in a near future anyway. We have just signed the papers today! We are so happy.”

10. The stage is dark.

“I’m supposed to be taking improv at iO in Chicago. Now the whole theatre is closed.

It’s especially sad because I was finally making adult friends in that class (I graduated college in 2019, so I no longer live near most of my close friends).

We were staying in touch a little bit at the beginning of quarantine but it’s kind of fizzled out.”

11. Hiring freeze.

“I would’ve gotten a full-time job at my internship after graduating.

But they lost too much money during COVID to justify hiring me.”

12. Bad timing.

“I moved to New York City in February, a few weeks before the lockdowns started. I had a whole binder of things I wanted to see and do and a job I was excited about. But I got laid off as soon as things got started and everything I wanted to do became impossible, and some of it is probably never coming back.

I would have been taking the train to every station, catching impromptu shows, hunting down the best open mics, trying to pin down the best pizza and burger, putting together a d&d group, and traveling to other parts of the north eastern us that I’ve always wanted to see.

I had big plans for this year, and I’m so heartbroken that all I’ve experienced is an endless chorus of sirens.”

13. Change of plans.

“Before covid hit, I accepted a job a cross the country being a rock climbing instructor for a boy scout camp.

I put in my notice, moved in with my BF’s family for the few weeks leading up to moving to the camp. Everything fell through. Lost the old job and the new one never started. Moved out of the house I was renting. Drained my savings in the move and subsequent months.

Now I’ve started IT courses online(realized I love tech, and fixing tech), lost 20lbs, and my bf and I are planning to start living on the road full time(RV life).

Life has never gone the way I planned. Not once, but I’m kind of happy with what I’m aiming for now.”

14. On hold for now.

“Would have kept my job, gotten a raise, a sizeable bonus.

And moved out of my parents house, and ultimately taken my plunge into independence.”

What have the past several months been like for you?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know how you’re doing.

We hope all of you are staying safe and healthy out there!