If Time Stood Still For Everyone But You, What Would You Do?

Reddit is a great place for posing random but interesting questions. So many people come by and drop their unique, thought-provoking, and yes, funny, answers.

One recent question, asking what readers would do if time froze for one day for everyone else, really turned out some delightful answers.

17. Damn the man.

I’ll be real with you here and not give you some corny answer but i would personally and gladly rob a whole lot of banks

16. There’s always a jokester.

Tie everyone’s shoelaces together.

15. Ooh I like this answer.

Take a tour of Area 51 probably.

14. I feel like this is a valid use of one’s time.

Enter parliament while it’s in session, sharpie everyone with funny faces.

13. Way too many people are slightly evil.

Go around the neighborhood and move all furniture slightly to the right, put paintings at slightly off angles, tilt laptop screens, small things that would make everything seem off, but no-one would be able to realize exactly what was wrong.

12. Because why not use your time to screw with other people?

I can finally loot stuff without a consequence, but I’ll just take everyone outside and just lay them down in their front yard so when time continues at least a hundred people would be wondering, how the fuck did I get here and why did this happen to 100 people coincidentally?

Then the story will become the stuff of legends and you can finally die knowing your name is written in stone

11. If there were two of you it could be a contest!

See how many people I could pants in 24 hours

10. There is something just unnerving about this answer.

I think I would just like to go into different houses and look around.

9. He’s put a lot of thought into it.

I invade all my neighbors’ houses, cut any fruits or vegetables I see in half diagonally, and put on a ninja costume.

When the 24 hours are over, I yell “HYAA” as loudly as possible into my giant speaker in the middle of the street so everyone can hear me.

I strike a pose and sheath my katana.

8. Kind of sad they don’t feel like they could do this any time.

I’m gonna try on some clothes that I think might fit, but am embarrassed to get stuck in.

7. Talk about an evil plan.

pick up everybody i know and place them in bed, naked of course, with their ex. then sit back and relax waiting for all hell to break loose

6. I could definitely get behind petting a lot of animals.

At first I was thinking of robbing banks and large department stores, hide the cash in various cashes.

On second thought, I’d bring a ladder to the zoo and pet a whole bunch of animals, sleep next to a bear.

5. It’s hard to argue with this one.

Pull up ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ on everyone’s devices. When time unfreezes, everyone gets rickrolled at the same time.

4. You’ve got to have some cash for all of the ice cream.

Go to a store, get as many flowers and ice cream cones as possible (they won’t melt because time is standing still), and give a flower and an ice cream cone to everyone I see.

Also I’d rob a bank

3. Why not do it for everyone else, too?

I would go to all my loaners offices and wipe my files. College loans, medical bills, mortgages, etc.

2. A really lovely nap.

Rob steal and plunder. Also take a nap

1. Sooo many places to visit.

Plenty of Quicksilver shenanigans. Walk into places I would never get into otherwise. Into bikers clubhouses, drug dens, Govt secret labs, evidence lockers, peoples houses. Move stuff. If the r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix goes off. It was me.

I would definitely go to Disney World. What other answer is there?

What would you do? Tell us in the comments!