If You Can Learn These 10 Minute Lessons, You’ll Use Them Forever

There are about a million pro-tips and hacks and piece of advice on the internet, and if I had to guess, I’d say very few of them would remain evergreen for the rest of our lives.

These 15 lessons, though, probably will – and some of them just might save your life, too.

15. Mr. Miyagi left this one out.

How to properly stretch your hands and forearms.

Stretch arms straight out forward, point fingers up, then without moving arms ball a fist downward.

Repeat as fast as possible.. taught indirectly from Bruce Lee.

14. Street smarts!

If you ever fall through the ice and are trapped underwater, aim for a dark spot. A hole in the ice will look dark.

And if someone tries to abduct you fight like hell even if they have weapon. Your situation will not improve if they get you to a more private location.

13. Just a few things.

I mean, they’re skills and not really wisdom but…

Warning signs of a stroke

How to use a fire extinguisher

Rolling your clothes after folding gives you more room in a drawer/suitcase. It’s life changing.

Righty tighty, lefty loosey

How to change a tire, check your oil and jump a car

Also changing headlights without using your fingers because the oils will damage the bulbs

How to start a campfire and put it out

The Heimlich maneuver

How to tie a knot more than one way

How to sew a basic stitch

The basics of emergency first aid

How to spot a rip tide and how to escape

How to shut off and turn on a circuit breaker and where they’re located

What to do in an earthquake, tornado, tsunami and hurricane.

12. Fight for your life.

One of the best lessons I learned from a movie, specifically Miss Congeniality, was SING (and that movie came out in 2000, to illustrate how well I remember that hahahhahaha *cries at the loss of time*).

Solar plexus, Instep, Nose, Groin.

I also took a few self defense classes with a krav maga teacher, and they taught to aim for anything you can get, and do whatever you can.

Poke their eyes, pull their hair, grab at their throat, stick your fingers in their ears/nose/mouth and scratch them, bend back their wrists, stomp on their feet, scratch them with your nails, jab them with your car keys…essentially, whatever you can do and get at, do it and do it repeatedly. While doing this, scream FIRE, and make as much noise and commotion as you possibly can.

Also, if someone tries to take your purse/phone/wallet, don’t chase them down. Let it go, because your life isn’t worth whatever was in there.

11. This would have saved me in high school.

If you’re somewhere quiet and your stomach is growling loudly DON’T tense up your tummy muscles.

Push your stomach out instead and it will make the growl quieter.

10. Maybe your kid’s, or someone else’s.

How to spot someone choking and how to help them.

Takes 10 minutes to learn and could save a life.

9. You can even save yourself.

If you yourself are choking, a lot of people have heard the use a chair to heimlich yourself trick.

To me the better and easier method is to get into a position on the ground face down arms up like your going to do a push-up.

Then drop yourself to the ground to force pressure through the diaphragm.

8. Essential knowledge, really.

How to spot someone legit drowning. It looks nothing like the movies. Head will be barely above water, with mouth bobbing slightly in and out of the water, opening and closing like a fish would.

Probably won’t see their hands (because they’ll be moving wildly underwater), they won’t be making much sound, if at all, they’ll have glassy eyes with a faraway stare.

All this adds up to a very non-Hollywood look that we’re all used to. This person looks “calm” in the water because their amygdala has taken over and they are on auto-pilot to simply stay alive. This is one of the reasons why they don’t speak…speech isn’t important at this point, so their brain shuts it down.

This is also why it’s extremely dangerous to personally engage a drowning person. They will drown you to save themselves and probably have no recollection of doing it. Always use a long pole, rope, flotation device, or something else onto which they can grab.

7. Words to live by.

If you think everyone hates you, you need to sleep.

If you think you hate everyone, you need to eat.

6. Learn something new every day.

Grasp the idea that everyone you meet knows something you do not.

5. Knots in general I should think.

How to tie a slip knot.

The slip knot is a “stopper knot” which is easily undone by pulling the tail.

4. This just blew my mind.

Percentage is interchangeable.

8% of 25 is hard to do in your head but 25% of 8 is easy, and they both equal the same. works every time.

3. Being dead is worse than being embarrassed.

Nurse here.

Sadly many ppl who are choking get embarrassed and go away from ppl. I have actually seen this happen.

They get calmly up from the table and walk away, thinking they can cough it out or something.

So remember, if you are choking don’t leave because of embarrassment, it could cost you your life.

2. For my fellow social anxiety sufferers…

The phrase:

“It probably isn’t about you”

Applies to Most everything.

1. Stop the fires!

Your washing machine has several filters that need to be cleaned regularly

You ac unit is the same, not only do the dust filters but the inside underneath the plastic body has several spots.that need cleaning.

I’m definitely putting some of these in my back pocket!

If you were going to add something to the list, what would it be? Tell us in the comments!