If You Can’t Get Enough of ‘Tiger King,’ Here Are 12 Hilarious Tweets

Image Credit: Twitter

And I mean honestly, who can get enough of Joe Exotic these days?

I want to say that I was disgusted by the series and turned it off after a few minutes, and that I’ve been ignoring all of the ensuing memes and cosplay in tweets, but that would be lying.

If you’re like me, and eating it all up like a tiger after expired Walmart meat, here are 12 more tweets to stick in your Joe Exotic bank.

12. Wait, is his music really available on Amazon?

11. I mean…same.


10. They’re really missing a revenue stream.

9. I can never unsee that.

8. And then her head exploded.


7. The worst haircut on the show, and that is really saying something.


6. As way too many people say in this documentary, “it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

5. It all makes sense when you do a ton of meth.

4. Crazy but true.

3. There can be no other side here.

2. Most accurate face.

1. Wait, it’s not?

I don’t know what to say except we can all use a laugh right now, so why not?

Do you love the show? Hate it? A little bit of both?

Let’s discuss in the comments!