If You Could Ask God One “Yes or No” Question, What Would It Be? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Well, this is a tough one

What are you supposed to ask the supreme being that supposedly has all the answers?

Do you ask about the meaning of life? What happens after we pass away? Why the Kardashians are famous?

The possibilities are endless!

AskReddit users opened up about what “Yes or No” question they’d ask God if they had the chance.

Let’s get weird!

1. One question…

“”Do you actually want to be worshipped?”

If God is… God, then why would he want to be worshiped like a king? Why would he need us to bow to him?

He’s God for Christ’s sake. It makes no sense at all.”

2. Let’s talk about me.

“I’d probably ask something super minor and inconsequential in the grand schemes of things along the lines of

“Will I have a happy future with this person if I pursue her?””

3. We all do…

“”Does consciousness remain after physical d**th?”

I want to know!”

4. Uh oh…

“Is there someone above you?

Can I speak to your manager?”

5. Yes, please!

“Will you please, in the name of all things that are holy, to prove that you TRULY EXIST TO EVERYONE IN THE WORLD…..get rid of mosquitos?”

6. Go to the source.

“”Did Adam have a belly button?”

This got question got me in trouble in Sunday school.”

7. Let’s get real.

“Be honest with us…

Do you know what you’re doing?”

8. Satisfied?

“”Are you not entertained?”

While gesticulating wildly at the disaster that’s going on around us.”

9. Good one.

“A serious question…

Do you think Morgan Freeman did you justice in Bruce Almighty?”

10. The important stuff.

“”In fourth grade did Sam’s friend steal my entire deck of Star Wars cards?”

I have to know!”

11. Vital information.

“”Are you forklift certified?”

I sure hope so…”

12. We need to know.

“Were the dinosaurs a joke, or did you intentionally create them to throw us off?

Alternatively, are aliens real, and are they like our cousins?”

13. Burning question.

“Did Epstein k**l himself?

We all know the answer, but I wanna hear God say it.”

14. This should be interesting.

“Do you agree with the Bible?

I mean, ALL of it?”

15. Yes!

“We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.

Why haven’t you answered?”

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