If You Could Choose Your Ghost, Who Would You Want to Haunt You? These 12+ People Have Some Ideas…

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Do you believe in ghosts? I tend to find that people definitely don’t believe in ghosts but also they don’t want to anger any spirits or anything…just in case. If you were going to be haunted forever, it makes sense that you would want the person to be, you know, nice. And maybe a good conversationalist?

These 12+ people thought long and hard before deciding which undead person they’d like to move in for the rest of their lives.

Mine? Betty White. For obvious reasons.

#15. There will be two of me.

“My own ghost.

It will cause a rip in time because there will be two of me, one in spirit, and one in physical form. My own ghost will be able to tell me what mistakes I’d be making to make my life last longer, hopefully long enough until the point when we will have a time machine, so I or my ghost can go back in time to save Chris Farley from dying.”

#14. Any genius with unfinished work.

“Einstein would be my first pick but any genius with unfinished work like mozart or tolkien would be awesome because you’d get to finish it for them and offer their work to the world.”

#13. I could call them out.

“Jesus. Any time someone else claimed that the spirit of Christ was with them I could call them out for being a fucking liar. Also I assume this allows me to challenge the Pope to a light-sabre battle.

It’s possible that I didn’t complete my Catholic education.”

#12. He’ll tell me new tales.

“Edgar Allen Poe. He’ll tell me new tales and I’ll write them down for him.”

#11. Self help.

“Professional therapist

Edit: holy shit I’ve never gotten silver or gold before!!”

#10. An army of ghosts.

“I’d pick a ghost with crippling social anxiety. That way they will just be super shy and not want to bother or interact with me in any way.

Edit: apparently I’ll have an army of ghosts hiding just outside my peripherals.”

#9. Not just any ghost of Duke Ellington.

“But I specifically want the Ghost of Duke Ellington voiced by Jordan Peele, not just any ghost of Duke Ellington.”

#8. Might as well go all out.

“Ric Flair. I know he’s not dead, but if a ghost is gonna “Woo,” might as well go all out.”

#7. Quite morbid, but…

“Probably quite morbid, but my son who passed away.

EDIT: Thank you guys for such kind words, it was honestly so lovely to wake up this morning. To OP, please don’t think you triggered me or upset me with your awesome question. If anything, it made me smile and think of how nice it would be to have my little one hanging around as a spirit. I like to think he’s always close somehow. He passed at eight days old after being in the NICU for six days suffering an unexpected cardiac arrest. I got eight precious days with my son which I will always be grateful for but I’ll always be yearning for more. Much love to you all.”

#6. Everything would be so chill.

“Mr Rogers, everything would be so chill. <3

Maybe Bob Ross.”

#5. I’ll take a bear.

“I don’t think I’d like a person haunting me, no matter who it was. I’ll take a bear. Having a guardian spirit bear would be badass as hell.

edit: Glad so many of you recognize how awesome spirit bear would be. Even if ghost bear spends his time biting my head, it’s a price I’m willing to pay.”

#4. She made me pretty damn happy.

“My ex. She made me pretty damn happy. Weird thing is it feels like she may be haunting me to some degree.

First time I visited her grave (800 mi away from me) I have this emotional moment which is pretty standard for visiting a loved one. Then I get into my rental car. There were six presets in this car in SC, mostly classic rock and country with one pop station. All of them played either Hello From the Other Side or Send my Love to Your Next Lover, both by Adele.

Last time just last summer, similar thing. I go, have a moment kinda wondering what she’d think of the person I’ve become in the 6 years since she passed. Whether she’d approve after kind of wallowing for couple years and falling behind in life before starting to get my shit together, not hitting many of the dreams I had back then. Get in the rental car and the song playing is Everything Is Gonna Be Alright by David Lee Murphy.

I realize it’s probably mostly coincidence but I’d like to think she’s looking out for me.”

#3. My sister.

“My sister. I’d definitely enjoy her company through a lot of things.

Edit: I did not mean anything sexual with this but I am laughing at the incest comments haha. It makes the whole situation much lighter. Thank you all for the funny comments, I do appreciate it! Thank you too for the gold!”

#2. A healthy dose.

“Samuel L. Jackson.

Cause I need a healthy dose of “motherfucker” in my narrative.”

#1. My cat Judy.

“My cat Judy. When I was 9, she was my protector when my dad would beat me. She once bit him so hard that she drew blood through his jeans. The day I lost her, I felt like all hope had been destroyed. I hope she’s looking down on me proudly.”

Decide on yours yet? It’s a tough call!