If You Dine Out, You Might Notice New COVID Surcharge on Your Bill

Image Credit: Twitter

Everything is not awesome right now (turn that into a song, LEGO people), but lately, it has seemed like perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Leadership and governments are loosening stay-at-home orders and allowing people to share public spaces again (with restrictions, of course), and folks are venturing out into the now-warm light of day.

Restaurant owners have taken one of the biggest hits during this whole thing, which is one reason why – whether you dine out or get your food to-go – you might see a surcharge on your bill.


The charge is usually only a couple of dollars per order, but as you can imagine, there are mixed responses to these businesses attempting to recoup some of their losses from customers.

Some people understand that we all need to pitch in where we can, that restaurants and their employees are taking on extra costs, extra risks, and are operating with far fewer staff.

Other people, of course, think that dining there is “support” enough and don’t appreciate an extra charge, even if it is disclosed ahead of time.

The charge – and any other charge a restaurant puts on your bill – is legal. They can decide what things cost at their restaurant, and you can decide whether or not to pay it.

Many of mused that there are plenty of places that probably simply raised the prices of their dishes by a few bucks here and there and didn’t say a word – no confrontation if no one knows what you’re doing.

We all have to decide who we’re going to support during this madness and how, but for my part, I’m thrilled that there are places that will give me food that I don’t have to cook at least once a week.

I’m happy to pay an extra $1 a dish for that. If you’re not, that’s fine – but there’s no reason to pile on a restaurant just trying to survive.