If You Get an Accidental Deposit in Your Bank Account You Don’t Expect, Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Spend It

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If you’re like most average people, logging into your online banking to check your balance isn’t your favorite thing to do. It’s never as much as you want it to be, need it to be, or wish it was.

That’s why it can be tempting to just celebrate if the number is higher than you expect. But what happens if you click on your account and see a deposit you don’t recognize?

As hard as you try to convince yourself you probably just forgot something special was coming your way, you suspect it’s an error on the bank’s part.

What to do then?

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If you know in your gut that’s not your money, don’t spend it and hope for the best, because if there’s one thing we should all understand by this point, it’s that the banks are definitely going to get theirs.

And look, here’s the thing – the idea of sticking it to the man, or in this case, the bank that’s probably robbed you in the form of fees more than once, we all know that stealing is wrong. You’re not supposed to take something that doesn’t belong to you, even if it does belong to a jerk.

A lesson this Pennsylvania couple is re-learning the hard way after they spent $107k of the $120k mistakenly deposited into their account.

The bank came asking for it all back, and well…now they’re facing felony charges.

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“Eventually, the bank will come back to the customer,” explains Doug Johnson of the American Bankers Association. “First they’ll reverse the transaction but also potentially generate a police report after effective research, meaning the bank will contact the customer…and ask the logical questions.”

Meaning yes, most of us know what’s supposed to be deposited into our accounts and what is not.

The next time, it could be your money that accidentally ends up in someone else’s account, and wouldn’t you want the bank to get it back for you then?

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Instead of spending it, always check with your bank if you’re unsure whether a deposit (or withdrawal) is something you recognize and should spend.

It’s not fun, I know, but it’s good advice.

Has this ever happened to you? If so, what did you do?

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