If You Want the Best Tea, Appalling but Real Scientific Research Says You Should Make It in the Microwave

Image Credit: Instagram

Sorry, Brits.

It’s time to ditch those pretty, whistling teapots (and having to wait 10 minutes for hot water) because science says the best way to brew a cuppa is in the microwave.

There is a method to measure a good cup of tea, apparently, and it is by how much of the catechins and caffeine contained in the leaves you can get into the brew (more being better). With the microwave method, you get 80% and 92%, respectively.

Catechins are a complex group of chemical compounds that are potentially good for your cardiovascular health, while caffeine’s effects – positive and negative – on the human body are well-documented.

And the microwave gives you way, way more of both than the traditional method of adding kettle-boiled water to your teabag.


So, here’s your new tea-making routine:

  1. Put hot water in the cup with your teabag.
  2. Put the whole thing in the microwave, set to 500 watts, and set the timer for 60 seconds.
  3. Wait another 60 seconds, dunk your teabag up and down 10 times, squeeze it out, and enjoy.

If you need more reason, look no further than David Tennant, whose Broadchurch character was seen microwaving his tea on the show. It caused a flutter of horror among tea enthusiasts, but according to researchers like Dr. Quan Vuong, microwaving also extracts more nutrients from green tea leaves.

I guess technology might actually be worth something after all?

If you can bring yourself to retire your grandmother’s tea pot to the china cabinet, I mean.