If You’d Like to Own a Haunted Scottish Village, Here’s Your Chance

There are two types of people in this world: people who hear “haunted village” and go “nope,” and people who hear “haunted village” and go “please, tell me more.”

If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re one of the latter folks (welcome, bestie), so let’s get to the (hor)crux of the story, shall we?

Image Credit: YouTube

The Old Village of Lawers, located in Perthshire, Scotland, has been settled since the 17th century, though no modern people have occupied the space since the late 20th century. Back in the day it was home to an impressive seer (the Lady of Lawers), who is said to have predicted both trains and steamships, as well as foreseen that a flood would prevent the local church from being built.

Image Credit: YouTube

Now, she haunts the ruins of that same church, along with a kiln, a mill, the House of Lawers, and various other remnants of civilization.

Or so they say.

If you’re not afraid of an old dead lady and have $173,000 to spare, you could own the 3-acre property, which includes a private beach, semi-ancient woodland, and fishing and boating rights in Loch Tay.

Image Credit: YouTube

It’s secluded, you might be alone with a ghost, but I don’t know – it kind of sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Sure, there’s the Lady of Lawers, but there doesn’t have to be a single other living person within at least a few miles, so that seems like a pretty fair tradeoff.

Would a ghost scare you off a great piece of property, or would you just figure things out so everyone could peacefully co-exist?

Tell us your brilliant would-be plans for moving to ancient Scotland in the comments!