If Your Day Needs Brightening, Give These 15 Tweets a Try

Image Credit: Twitter

Everyone needs a little help with their mood sometimes, and since the internet has been around, it’s been the perfect place to go when you need some mindless entertainment to scroll through.

And to that end, here are 15 just-funny tweets guaranteed to brighten your day (even if just by a bit).

15. I wish this wasn’t so real.


14. Okay, creative, but I would have died waiting for them to just GO FORWARD.

13. And by that I really mean I know how to look like I’m under pressure.


12. Literal endless amusement.

11. A coincidence? I think not.

10. You know it’s bad when your kid is trying to throw themselves away.


9. The customer is always right.

8. When you just want to scar one of your kids for life because you’re bored.

7. Who has time for a full-blown disagreement?

6. Thanks for the rent, boo.

5. Child has zero clue he almost just died.


4. There can only be one Greta.


3. Mortifying is the new black.

2. Do not go gently.


1. It’s the content we all deserve.


I feel more ready to tackle the rest of the day already, how about you?

What’s your favorite way to unwind online? Share it with us in the comments!