If Your Mom Told You It Was Okay Never to Shave Your Thighs…You’re Not Alone

Image Credit: Pixabay

The day you start shaving is a big one in the life of any young girl. Chances are you’ve been asking for awhile, you’re nervous but excited and sure that somehow this is going to make you less awkward in gym class.

Your mom, on the other hand, is full of warnings that make you roll your eyes. Once you start, you’ll never be able to stop, she says. You might cut yourself. It’s going to grow back coarser and darker.


But hey, you only have to shave to your knee. Promise.

If your mom told you this tale, well…just look and see how many other girls heard (and heeded, for awhile) the same lie.

11. No one seems to know why…

10. Your legs are incredibly smooth.


9. A very shocking revelation in her compromised state.

8. I’m guessing pretty much the same but more nicks.

7. Well I mean no one is going to see your thighs but you RIGHT?

6. Yes to both those dumb bangs.


5. I don’t advise holding your breath until it does.


4. And the cycle continues.

3. That is some scare tactic.


2. But a hairless one you go girl.

1. This has been going on for generations.

My mom is the same. Maybe all moms are the same?

Food for thought.