If You’re Here for an Easy Laugh, These 15 Posts Have You Covered

Image Credit: Twitter

There are days when you want to challenge your mind. When your brain is in need of a meal full of protein and carbs, when it wants to learn and grow and work until it collapses into bed that night.

There are other days when you feel like taking it easy. When you don’t want to work too hard for your knowledge or your humor, and you know what? Life is made up of both kinds, probably in equal measure.

If you’re having a lazy day and just want to be entertained, we think these 15 posts will do the trick.

15. Is it that simple?

I think I’ve been doing it wrong.

14. Every day is a brand new day.

And I mean that in the most terrifying way possible.

13. People’s minds are endlessly great.

I am constantly amazed.

12. That will definitely mess with your head.

You cannot trust your eyes in that situation, obviously.

11. Blame it on the fish.

They can’t talk to defend themselves. Yet.

10. Maybe they won’t see them?

But if they’re your friends, they will get it.

9. Feels like forever.

But now it really is like forever.

8. They worship the dancing queen.

They’re gonna need a bigger building, I bet.

7. I am doing it.

I don’t think my brain likes this exercise.

6. So fabulous no one will believe it.

Also, I can’t imagine they make very many of those in a day.

5. Why is this so hilariously accurate?

I cannot stop laughing.

4. It’s always over too soon.

Like all good things in life, I suppose.

3. I just snorted.

And I am only a New York lover.

2. Oh, bless her heart.

To be fair, it looks…you know what, let’s not.

1. They’re not even bothering to hide it anymore.

And we don’t care? What is this life?

Ahhh, people are just so funny and I am so here for it.

Which of these got the best giggle from you? Tell us in the comments!