If You’re Holding on to Precious Moments Figurines, It Could Be Time to Cash In

Image Credit: Instagram

Precious Moments figurines were released in 1979, so if you grew up in the 80s there a good chance your mother or grandmother had them in a cabinet somewhere.

In fact, my mother does still have some in a cabinet…that I’m going to go look through immediately, because it turns out they might actually be worth more than sentimental dollars.

The items are now officially considered vintage collectibles and can range in price from $30 to $2000, depending on which figurines you’ve got gathering dust.


The one that goes for the most money is called “God Loveth a Cheerful Giver” and depicts a girl pulling a wagon full of puppies. Though it is valued at around $2k, most of the figurines sell on eBay for more like $200.


Which isn’t $2k, but it is quite a profit, considering they were originally sold for around $5, and they are literally doing nothing for you right now.


If you’ve got any of the original 21 figurines, they’ll be worth more than later releases. Figures that are in great condition and are clean will fetch the highest prices, though if you’ve got one of those originals, you might still get some nice cash if it’s neither.


I don’t know about you, but I’m headed to my mom’s basement to peer into her “curio cabinet” (whatever that is) and start adding up my inheritance. Huzzah!