If You’re in a Long Term Relationship, You’ll Probably Relate to These 14 Moments

Most things in life are hard to imagine, and hard to fully relate to, until you’ve experienced them yourself, and long-term relationships are no exception.

When you’re newly in love, newly committed, or haven’t had the opportunity to be in a serious relationship at all, there are just some realities about, you know, forever that are impossible to imagine.

If you have been, or are, in a long term relationship, though, these 14 moments are going to feel just a bit too real.

14. That is a sad state of affairs.

But I mean, at least someone remembered.

13. If you don’t have a side, are you human?

I vote no.

12. When you’ve both got good taste.

Or at least the same taste, anyway.


11. When you get each other the same gift…

And it’s a toilet seat. Holy crap.

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Another sign that 38 years of marriage might be too long: last week our toilet seat broke. On the left my Christmas gift to my husband. On the right, his gift to me. We are so pathetic. 😆🎄🎅🤶#Christmas #christmasgifts #marriedtoolong

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10. You can say you didn’t do it on purpose.

We know the truth, though.

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👯‍♀️ matching!! #mummy #daddy #twins #home #matching #marriedtoolong #moonacre #newforest #family #weekend #lovethem #happy

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9. You gotta be practical.

And he’s thinking of you either way.


8. Honestly, no one else matters.

You have to live with that person forever – better think they’re funny!

7. It’s not romantic.

It is love, though.

6. And you’re still happy to see them.

This one just made me smile for some reason.


5. There are also a lot of slaps on the butt.

Just at my house?

4. It’s almost like having dinner together.

But better, because you’re actually alone.

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lol Steve and I had the same thing for dinner without knowing it #marriedtoolong

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3. You get excited about totally adult stuff.

Who says getting old is boring?

2. This is all very good advice.

Especially the bit about the cereal.

1. When you’re just desperate for your spouse to use a noun.

Any noun. Just one.

I definitely felt these, y’all!

What other moments would you argue are unique to the long-termers among us? Share in the comments!