If You’re In Your 20s, These 10 Jokes Will Smack Your Soul

It’s crazy how much our perspectives can change within a few years, and I’m not sure if there’s a decade in your life when more growth happens than in your 20s.

You go from basically a teenager, to a person responsible for their own adult things, to a person who is like, thirty and expected to manage their own business (and maybe the business of small humans) in the span of 10 years.

Crazy, right?

If you’re in the middle of that journey right now, we’ve got some hilariously true posts for you.

10. You’re going to need some antacids.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

9. This feeling never really goes away.

Not as far as I can tell.

8. We all need that friend.

Welcome to the dark side. We have alcohol and Netflix.

7. Ehhh, too soon.

Travel a little first, people!

6. It’s the middle school of adulthood.

And nobody loved middle school.


5. Some things never change.

Not totally, at any rate.


4. None of that soundsย awful.

I’m just saying.

3. Amazing, those buses.

Take advantage, save your cash.

2. Also now you’ve had friends for 20 years.

I remember that blowing my mind.


1. It happens so fast.

Hello, you’re old now.

True, all of it. Right?

What’s the best thing about being in your mid-twenties? Tell us about it in the comments!