If You’re Making These 10 Mistakes, You Might Be Killing Your Phone

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Cell phones are many things to us – communication devices, sure, but also sources of entertainment, distractions, time-passers, gaming devices, televisions, and on and on. They’ve also become bigger and bigger investments.

While the manufacturers keep doing their part to convince us to buy bigger and better devices on a regular basis, most of us are trying to figure out how we can get our current model to last as long as possible. To that end, take a scroll through the list below – because you might be making mistakes that play right into manufacturers’ greedy little hands.

#10. Not updating your software/firmware when prompted.

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I’m totally guilty of not wanting to take the time, but I’ll try harder after learning that not doing so is basically crippling the brain and body of your phone from running at optimal performance levels.

#9. Using knockoff chargers or headphones.

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That old saying that you get what you pay for? It’s totally true in some circumstances – knockoff chargers may not be optimized for preserving the life of your cell phone battery (though if you do your research you can likely find a high quality off brand charger).

#8. Trusting weird DIY advice from the Internet.

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Unless it’s from a vetted source, just don’t risk it, y’all.

#7. Holding your phone in your hand on the street.

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40% of stolen iPhones were nabbed last year when the person was standing on the street talking on the speakerphone.

#6. Trying to clean out your phone’s insides by yourself.

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Go to a professional or research carefully before blowing air or sticking things into your phone’s cavities to clean out dust. There are delicate spaces that shouldn’t be disturbed willy nilly.

#5. Letting it overheat.

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Even sunlight through a window at home or in a car can raise the temperature to a level that can damage your chip or battery, so be aware of where you set it.

#4. Not using a cover.

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Particularly if you toss it into a bag that way – they’re more than a fashion statement, after all. Covers protect your phone from damage, dust, and overheating.

#3. Keeping your phone in your back pocket.

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Not only can slimmer versions be damaged, but the practice can also make it easier for thieves and other types of damage to happen accidentally.

#2. Jamming in the plug.

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Electrical connections are not as sturdy as you might think, and trying to jam your charger in blindly before bed an actually cut your charger’s lifespan short.

#1. Replacing your battery with a cheap imitation.

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I know, I know, you got a good deal – but chances are the battery won’t last long, or – worse – it will damage your phone beyond repair.

I think I’m going to change a few habits myself…