If You’re Obsessed with Iced Coffee, These Memes Are for You

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Okay, time for a little real talk: I’m 100%, unabashedly obsessed with iced coffee. I dream about it, I can’t stop thinking about it…I’m in love with it.

Basically, at this point, it’s the only reason I bother getting up in the morning.

If you’re like me, these memes make a whole lot of sense.

1. Your fault

2. Might want to slow down

3. Call the fuzz

4. My favorite

5. Talking sh*t

6. I think I can pull this off

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why am I even laughing at this

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7. Is that true?

8. That’s what you’re getting

9. You need it to survive

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The essentials are food, shelter, and iced coffee

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10. Why???

11. Brothers and sisters!

12. It’s never too cold

13. Gotta start somewhere

14. Most of the year


Time for a refill!