If You’re over 40, You Probably Have No Idea Why You Do These 20 Things

Image Credit: Pixabay

Turning 40 is no joke – I tried to treat it like any other day, but my body had different ideas. My back “went out” for the first time in my life less than a month later.

And y’all, this list is spot on. I have no idea why, but we’re basically all the same.

#20. Don’t SASS me!

#19. Because that’s what computers had to do back in the Stone Age.


#18. There’s a magical age when you quit giving a f*ck, that’s why.

#17. We forgot our readers.


#16. They remember what it was like to talk in person.

#15. Because we’re too lazy to carry a diaper bag and a purse.

#14. Okay I lied. I will never do this. #texting4eva

#13. No one should have the sound on their phone or tablet in public. Period.

#12. They’ve got the vodka in their purse.

#11. As opposed to?

#10. Because we never know if we’re going to need to add more.


#9. Wait, that’s not how you’re supposed to text?


#8. Because we’ve been here before, son.

#7. I can see this one is hitting a nerve. *makes note to keep doing it…*


#6. Just to screw with you.


#5. Okay but just stop taking pictures of your junk.


#4. It’s delicious any way you say it.


#3. Habits are hard to break.

#2. This is so awkward.

#1. Probably because we pay for them ourselves.

Bring on the wrinkle cream!