Ikiru the Cat Has the Cutest, Dopiest Face in the World

Image Credit: Instagram

You never know exactly what you’re going to get when you adopt a cat (or any animal, for that matter). You can try to gauge personality, and you can ask the shelter or foster for their advice, but true personalities never really emerge until everyone gets comfortable.

Rich and Emma, the now-parents of Ikiru the exotic shorthair cat, didn’t know what Ikiru would be like, but they knew from the moment they say her on the breeders website that they wanted her.


They fell in love with the unique cat, and a meet-and-greet sealed the deal.

There was no way they could have known they were adopting the King of Blep, or that the many faces of Ikiru would be so wacky and hilarious.


Indeed, people ask all of the time whether they’re sure the cat is okay.

The couple told Bored Panda that she’s pretty perfect.


“Ikiru is really healthy and our vet told us he has some of the best teeth she has ever seen.

Exotic shorthairs have a slightly pudgy face but he’s very energetic and in great shape.

Believe it or not, he doesn’t always have his tongue hanging out, but it seems to be a quirk of his, leading to some amusing facial expressions.”


If you’re loving this little kitty, you can follow his Instagram account, where you’ll get a peek behind the curtain of his daily life.


I’m pretty sure I’ll never have a following like this cat, but I’m coming to terms with it.

People aren’t nearly as adorable when they’re being derpy. That’s just a fact.