In Norway, “Texas” Means “Crazy”

Image Credit: Pixabay

Apparently, word about the great state of Texas has spread across the pond and then some – people in Norway are now using the word ‘Texas’ as an adjective to describe an atmosphere that’s unpredictable, chaotic, exhilarating, or even scary.

Image Credit: Pixabay

To be clear, they don’t use it to describe a person (yet), but rather a place or situation or a thing.

I mean, I’ve lived in Texas, so I have to say, I think it could also work for people.

Example: Det var helt texas (It (a party?) was completely texas).

Image Credit: Pixabay

According to Texas Monthly, Norwegians have used the slang word for several decades; it’s basically a throw back to Texas’ rough-and-tumble history and all of the associations that go along with the Wild West. There are news articles that use the term to describe everything from truck drivers tackling dangerous routes to a raucous soccer match or a swordfish snagged in a fjord.

I’m really not even sure what my response to this should be, though I would love to know exactly how the expression came to be and evolved in popular use.

Image Credit: Pixabay

And why I’m only hearing about it now.

At least I’ve passed it on to y’all, and that’s what matters. Now, keep it going!