In Sweden, They Celebrate Taco Friday

Image Credit: Instagram

Sure, it doesn’t have the alliteration that Taco Tuesday has going for it, but if we’re being honest, any day that celebrates tacos is a happy day for everyone, no?

In Sweden, Fridays are Fredagsmys – “cozy Fridays.” They gather with loved ones and eat comfort food together to mark the end of the long week, and their comfort food? Surprisingly, it’s Tex-Mex.

They do put a bit of a Swedish spin on what Americans know as tacos – along with the traditional tortillas, meat, peppers, and tomatoes lie yogurt, cucumber, peanuts, and pineapple.


Families and friends assemble their tacos and then gather in front of the television, with plenty of candles and pillows to add ambiance and help them unwind.

The tradition is new–probably only a couple of decades, since it likely started with a Swedish potato chip company with a slogan that said “Now it’s cozy Friday time.”

Old El Paso grabbed onto the concept, though, and started to educate Swedes about one of the world’s greatest treasure – tacos.

Then a Swedish spice company called Santa Maria jumped on the bandwagon to put the two concepts together.


Any quick junk food will do if you’re throwing together a Fredagsmys gathering of your own – burgers, pizza, chips, all of the good stuff – but obviously tacos should be every person’s first choice.


It makes sense that people from Sweden, where the weather is harsh and daylight is short, embraced a chance to get together and cozy up indoors. The tacos are just a big ol’ bonus.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to institute Taco Tuesday and Cozy Friday around here. As the old saying goes, two is better than one.

And that definitely applies to tacos.