Talented Artist Makes Museum-Worthy Paper Cityscapes That Look Like Oil Paintings

Photo Credit: Facebook, Albin Talik

Artist Albin Talik, from Krakow, Poland, is a talented fellow who uses a humble technique to make beautiful cityscapes: paper collage.

His technique is so precise that it’s easy to look at his collages and think they’re traditional oil paintings.

You could even describe Talik as a paper painter. He meticulously sorts through thousands of paper cutouts to create each work, and the results of his precision and care are incredible pieces of art displaying modern cities today.

10. “Grodzka”

What a stunning sunset!

9. “Konfederacka I”

The reflections below are perfection!

8. “Big City”

What a beautiful sky!

7. “Rynek Dębnicki 10”

A wonderful world of pink.

6. “Art-House”

Like a peaceful spring day.

5. “Game Of Shadows”

Talik is also great at using grays!

4. “One Flew Over The San Francisco”

Soar over the city!

3. “Rynek Dębnicki”

That sky is just gorgeous

2. “Na Zakręcie”

Simple, yet beautiful.

1. “The Window”

What stunning shades of red!

Talik has plenty more work you can check out. It’s hard to imagine that someone would spend so much time sorting out pieces of paper so they can make something beautiful, but Talik’s dedication shows us that humble pieces of paper can create something awesome.

The artist constantly updates his Instagram and Facebook pages. What did you think of Talik’s work and patience? Drop us a line below.