In my opinion, this is pretty brilliant. A man named Tyler recently created an Instagram account called PreachersNSneakers based on a joke he has with some friends.

The purpose of the Instagram page: to point out church leaders, preachers, and pastors who have large social media followings by showing their designer shoes and revealing how much they cost.

As of this writing, the account has 200,000 followers and has blown up very quickly. Tyler said he created the account because “It started out as me being interested in sneakers and being involved with church culture … so those two things made for good comedic content.” He added, “This whole thing spun out of me sitting on my couch one Sunday. I was looking for this one song on YouTube and saw the lead singer in this worship band was wearing Yeezy 750s.”

Tyler quickly noticed a trend happening with church leaders he followed on Instagram: many of them wear expensive swag. He said, “I started questioning myself, ‘What is OK as far as optics…as far as pastors wearing hype or designer clothing?’ I don’t have an answer.” But, Tyler thinks to “have a discussion about what is appropriate” in regard to this topic.

The reactions have been varied, some people think the page is funny and others have been offended and believe it points out the hypocrisy of religion in America. One commenter said, “There’s a lot of money in the God business.”

Here are some more photos from the account. Be sure to scroll through the comments on the photos to get a taste of both sides of the argument.

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