Instagram Model Shares a Video of Herself in the Middle of a Severe Panic Attack

Photo Credit: Instagram

Kharina K is an Instagram model and influencer in Malaysia. Like all Instagram influencers, her page makes it seem like she has a pretty perfect life. Most of her photos feature beautiful scenery and impeccable hair and makeup — she’s been sponsored by Tresemme, Jimmy Choo and other major brands.

But Kharina is also open with her followers about mental health, and in one recent post, she decided to get really real by sharing a video of one of the worst panic attacks she’d ever had.

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Kharina says that her life isn’t all “sunshine and rainbows.” She suffers from anxiety, and it’s a constant battle.

As Kharina’s video shows, having a panic attack can be truly terrifying, not only for the person experiencing it but also for everyone around them. The symptoms are not dissimilar to a heart attack: shortness of breath, chest pain, sweating, rapid heartbeat, and an overwhelming sense of doom.

“I’m posting this not for attention or sympathy, but because I have been given this platform on instagram and would like to do some good with it,” Kharina captioned the video on Instagram.

“This is my reality. Constantly having anxiety and being fine one minute, and like this the next.”

She added that, while she’s lucky enough to have a great support system to help her in moments like this, not everyone is so fortunate.

“And so this post is to remind those who suffer from it that you ARE NOT ALONE, & to hopefully bring awareness to the people who don’t know/understand mental illnesses.”