Instead of Being Annoyed at “Up” Toilets Seats, Should Women Be Pleased They’re Clean?

The subreddit Unpopular Opinion is there for people to voice things that most people disagree with across the board, and to encourage discussion around whether or not that unpopular opinion might be something that could be made popular instead.

It’s hit or miss, for me, because most of the “unpopular” opinions tend to be anything but, but with this one…I don’t know if he’s going to be able to convince women to be thankful as they sink backward into the toilet bowl.

Women Should View the Toilet Seat Being Left-Up as a sign of a clean toilet seat that hasn’t been peed on
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Let’s see what Reddit thinks, though – maybe I’m wrong!

13. I never thought about it this way.

I love walking into a stall and seeing the seat up, means I don’t have to put a liner down and can sit my clean ass on a clean seat.

At home though, I keep my lid closed because my cats play on the toilet and it’s hygienic to close it.

12. Why are dogs like this? They have water!

I have a dog that likes to drink out of the toilet so I always close the lid

11. Is this a trick question?

Do y’all not just close the whole toilet when you’re done? Like lid and all.

Or do you nasty f**ks prefer s*%t water being sprayed through your home every time you flush?

I’ve never understood how this is an argument in any household.

10. See? I told you!

TIL: Women fall in toilets.

Every woman, if not everyone has PTSD memories of at least sitting on the cold porcelain rim of an open seat toilet because they weren’t paying attention and someone left the seat up, if not falling in.

I’ve done both 🙁

9. It just sprays everywhere.

I cringe every time I walk into most people’s bathrooms, with open toilet lids, and toothbrushes sitting right on the countertop.

Kids were taught to pick up lid (females) or lid/seat (males).

And before you flush, close that lid!

8. It’s different. I don’t know why.

One thing women seem to forget is that men sit down at least once a day.

We are able to notice that it’s up and put it down. How do you not see it? Do you enter the rest room butt first? How about everyone just closes the lid as well.

Leaving it seat down or up is just lazy. close the lid on top.

7. Good luck retraining the world.

I think seat and lid down should just be the default.

I don’t enjoy having fecal matter swirling around the bathroom.

6. It happens to men, too.

I’ve fallen in twice, once I was turtling, second I was very sleepy. I learned my lesson after the second time and always check now.

I’m a man and it’s a very quick lesson to learn, it’s not an excuse for anyone to use for leaving the seat down.

5. People don’t like common sense these days.

That’s like literally why their is a seat & a lid. The lid is the default.

Like yea, having a constantly open hole where things can be dropped into filth is not a good design. I

t’s the difference between a public toilet, a space dedicated 100% to toilet use, and your home, a place where you do many things.

Like people thought this through and somehow large swaths of people just completely threw common sense out the window.

4. Just close the toilet.

While this might be true, it’s pretty unsanitary to flush a toilet with the lid left open.

Dirty water, urine, and/or fecal matter can be splashed out of the bowl during the flush and it can hit the toilet and even your walls depending on the power of your toilet flush.

It should really be less of a seat up or down argument and more of a toilet open or closed argument.

3. The splash zone.

The only time I stand to pee is in a public restroom.

If anyone has ever been in an old restroom, you will see the walls around the toilet are destroyed by pee.

This is because when you piss in water, it splashes.

Most of the time you do not even see it, but it is there.

I am not a fan of wiping piss off my walls, so I sit down when I am home.

2. The official judgement.

As a janitor toilet seat up means it’s been cleaned and at home I really don’t care about the toilet seat.

1. Mine figured it out on their own.

This is the way.

My husband pees sitting down mostly. We potty trained the boy-child to sit as well.

I laugh and laugh at the parents cleaning up piss off everything as they try training their boys to use the toilet standing up.

I see his point, but we need to address the falling in…I’m stuck on that.

What say you? Drop your thoughts in the comments!