Is Corona Beer Really Losing Sales Because of Corona Virus?

Photo Credit: Pxfuel

Recently, CNN tweeted something interesting and, frankly, surprising.

According to a poll, 38 percent of Americans wouldn’t buy Corona Beer because of the corona virus.

The internet thought that was hilarious…and that 38 percent of Americans are stupid.

Some even felt sorry the innocent beer company was suffering because of these “idiots.”

Another user made a thought-provoking comparison to another health crisis with this tweet:

Although some data supports people are actually Googling “Corona Beer Virus,” there isn’t much evidence pointing to anyone not drinking the beer because they are afraid of contracting the virus.

In fact, HuffPost did a bit more digging and found the survey’s results were likely taken out of context. The poll was conducted by a PR firm whose press release didn’t list the questions asked of participants. Eventually, the questions were uncovered:

  • Are you a beer drinker?
  • Are you a Corona drinker?
  • Is Corona related to the coronavirus?
  • In light of the coronavirus, do you plan to stop drinking Corona?
  • Would you buy Corona in a store?
  • Would you order a Corona in a restaurant/bar/public venue?
  • Would you buy Corona under any circumstances now?

No, not under any circumstances said 38 percent of “beer-drinking Americans,” when asked the last question.

But with the way the questions are worded and how the last three questions have nothing to do with the corona virus, you can see this survey is far from scientific. Maybe these people don’t drink Corona Beer at all, under any circumstances.

What do you think? Are these 38 percent stupid or just plain confused by this poll?

Let us know in the comments.