Is He Wrong for Choosing His Dog Over His Family? People Shared Their Thoughts.

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So did this guy too far when he chose his dog over his family?

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AITA for “choosing my dog over my family” by refusing to accommodate my girlfriend’s brother?

“I 23M lived with my girlfriend “Ann” 22F and my dog “Bo.”

Recently Ann’s brother “Al” 25M got laid off from work and couldn’t afford to pay rent anymore. Ann asked if Al could stay with us and I didn’t see why not. Ann isn’t on speaking terms with her parents and I assumed Al probably also wasn’t and didn’t have another place to go. Plus I really loved Ann and I wanted to show her how important she was to me.

Here is the issue: Ann told me Al had a mild dog allergy. When I initially spoke with both of them I said I would do my best to accommodate but would not, under any circumstances, get rid of Bo. Both understood and Al said his allergy wasn’t too bad.

Al moved in and to be honest he wasn’t a great roommate. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to move out, as he spent most of his time sleeping and playing video games instead of looking for work.

He didn’t pitch in for chores and let laundry pile up in his room, then acted confused when I told him he had to do his own laundry. He ate the food we cooked but did not help with cooking or buying groceries. Worst, he ordered lots of fast food for himself and left wrappers, bags, and old food in his room which made the whole apartment smell.

After a month or so, Al said his allergies were getting worse and asked me to consider putting Bo in a shelter. I said absolutely not, but  Ann said we should consider getting rid of Bo to accommodate her brother’s needs. I said no and we would not be discussing this further. She called me TA for “choosing my dog over my family.”

That’s when I snapped. I said Al is not family and he has been nothing but a hassle for the past month, and that if she wants to babysit her older brother she can find her own place. She has no legal right to stay here because my name is on the lease and I pay rent (Ann is in grad school and does not make enough money to afford a decent apartment on her own).

She tried again to convince me that I should prioritize Al over Bo, so I gave her an ultimatum. Either Al is gone in twenty-four hours or I kick BOTH of them out. Bo stays no matter what. Both have since moved out, and while Ann and I are not officially broken up, I haven’t heard from her in a few days.

I know this may sound harsh but Bo IS my family. He has been with me through some of my hardest times and he is a rescue, which means he was already abandoned once, and I will NOT let that happen again.

I feel nothing for Al and, while I thought I loved Ann, her willingness to get rid of someone I love as much as her, made my feelings change. When I explained this to my parents and sister, however, they said I should have at least considered getting rid of Bo to accommodate Al, and that they could even take care of Bo themselves so he didn’t have to go to a shelter.

They said if I saw Ann as family, which I did at one point, I should be able to make sacrifices. But that was a sacrifice I wasn’t willing to make.

Does that make me TA?”

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