Is He Wrong for Leaving His Daughter Alone in a Hospital? People Responded.

Anytime a person is in the hospital, it’s scary.

And it’s even scarier when it’s a child who is laid up.

And you’d think that kids wouldn’t want to be left alone in hospitals, right?

I think so!

But maybe this guy had a good reason for leaving his daughter there…

Or maybe he’s just an a**hole…

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AITA for leaving my daughter alone in the hospital?

“My daughter is in the hospital and it is so scary. I went to visit her and that wasn’t my daughter anymore she was so pale and looked like d**th. I held her hand but it was too uncomfortable and I could feel the tears coming.

I just couldn’t look at her like that and left. I didn’t want to cry infront of my daughter. My wife came to visit her shortly after I left and ended up staying the night. When my wife returned home the next day she called me all sorts of names. She told me I was a loser who couldn’t be there for his daughter.

I told her that I just didn’t feel strong enough to be there in that moment and she told me that sometimes parents have to do uncomfortable things for their children. During our next visit I spoke very little and I later heard her telling our daughter I am a coward.”

And here’s how Reddit users reacted.

One person said he’s an a**hole and that he prioritized himself over his daughter.

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And this individual said he’s neglecting his daughter.

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Another reader said his daughter knows he wasn’t there and this is going to mess with her head.

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