Is It Normal to Have a Big Libido When You Go From a Sedentary Life Style to an Active One? People Responded.

Let’s talk about s**, baby…

Well, in a roundabout way, I guess.

I’m no expert, but I think that when you shed a few pounds and cut out some of the junk in your life, you definitely feel more…ready to go, if you know what I’m saying.

An AskReddit user asked if it’s normal to have libido spikes when you switch up your lifestyle.

Let’s see what other folks had to say about this.

1. You better believe it.


Becoming healthier makes your body function better, and that includes your s**ual organs.

It’s not just the testosterone. It’s better blood flow, less stress, more endorphins, etc.”

2. There you go.

“Either people seeing me work out or me knowing I look more ripped or muscular turns me on.

It’s a boost to the self confidence which helps with libido, in my opinion.”

3. Good point.

“It’s not about having libido spikes.

It’s about recovering back to normal from the libido drops a sedentary lifestyle causes.”

4. Listen up.

“As a male, exercise increases testosterone, which increases libido.

Testosterone quite plainly controls the male body.

Too little or too much throws off everything else. From mood to weight.”

5. Hmmm…

“I lost a lot of weight fairly quickly several years ago (the healthy way, diet and exercise) and I thought my libido would come roaring back but it really didn’t.

I’ve also heard that substantial body changes like big weight loss can actually have adverse effects on s** drive. So I don’t know. Maybe a lot of it is psychological.

Seems to me that overall improvement in life (health, relationships, finances etc.) play a major part because in more recent years as everything has gotten better – not just my weight – my mood and libido have been more consistently positive, in general.”

6. Be confident!

“It’s pretty common for exercise to increase libido both acutely (short term, right after a work out) and chronically (long term as your body adapts and changes).

Working out makes you feel good and lowers stress hormones, and also makes them feel more confident and s**y – so many people experience some increase in their s** drive as they increase their activity levels.”

7. Well put.

“Genuinely it’s because you’re healthy so your body is just naturally responding to it.

Somewhere in our baseline primal code is “Can go for long walk? Go for long fu**ing instead.””

8. Boom!

“My husband gets ridiculously excited in spring and fall because that’s when I’m most active, literally and figuratively.”

9. All over the place.

“It also deals with being suddenly seeing potential dating partners all over the place.

I used to be homeschooled and would spend weeks at home only seeing family and not really being at all h**ny all week long.

Then I go shopping and see people of my age all over the store and I’m crazy h**ny all day.”

10. No change for this guy.


Personally, I have switched many times between sedentary and fit lifestyle and I could not notice anything.”

11. On the rebound.

“This is totally normal.

I survived Covid19 last year (March-April. I spent 38days in Hospital, 16 of those were ICU on Ventilator where I nearly d**d). I had to relearn how to walk, spent a month at home on an Oxygen-tank 24-7 and many more months on medications (heart-stabilizers and blood thinners).

TMI.. after waking up (still in the Hospital).. it probably took a week or so before I even had an e**ction (I was pretty happy to see that still functioned). Once I left the Hospital (after about a week or two of being Home).

I ma**urbated to “check if everything still worked”. and the e**culate that came out was super thick (syrupy) and very very dark yellow in color. I was a little concerned (and asked my Doctor about it).. but his feedback (and what I found on the Internet) was that is fairly normal (for what I had been through).

As I worked to get myself healthier, eat healthier, .. over the next few weeks to a month or two,. everything cleared up and the tool came back to full functionality.

During my Fitness efforts over the past year to get (and remain) healthier. I’ve definitely noticed a significant spike in e**ctions and general h**niness. (doesn’t help any that I’m painfully single and have been for a long time ;\

I’m definitely loving the increased fitness levels though. My stamina (for exercise) and just generally ability to climb stairs or lift heavy things or do sustained activity for long (hours and hours) amounts of time. .is awesome.

I don’t even give a 2nd thought to going out for a 2 hour walk of 8 to 10 miles. I just throw some podcasts on the old EarPods and I’m done before I know it.”

12. A libido love story…

“Once I got my old friend to start going to the gym with me.

She never worked out before but she was a skinny girl, and seeing that I did BJJ and worked out and was all big she wanted me to help her work out. She mostly just wanted her butt good and just to get her upper body stronger so I showed her some lifts and did a workout with her.

Was not expecting what was going to happen after. She asked what I was going to do after the workout and I just said go home and make my protein shake and shower, she wanted to see how I made a protein shake but she was acting a little flirtier than usual.

So we got to my place and one thing led to another and that would happen almost everytime we worked out together. She told me whenever she was working out hard especially during squats it would trigger something in her and she’d want the fun time soon after.

It was great while it lasted, she eventually got a BF and he made her end our relationship because he didn’t like that we used to bang and that it had became a big part of our relationship. Oh well…”

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