Is It Okay to Want a Career for Money and Not Passion? People Share Their Opinions.

Do what you love! Find your passion!

How many times did you hear that when you were growing up and going to school?

I know I heard it a lot. And while I think that’s good advice for certain people, it definitely isn’t for others. We’re all so different and that kind of “one size fits all” life advice just isn’t practical for everyone.

AskReddit users talked about whether they think it’s okay to do a job just because the money is good. Here’s what they had to say.

1. For the money.

“I’m so sick of people telling me to not only want to go into IT for the money, and instead choose something I like to do. What I like to do is play video games, and make music, but that isn’t secure at all.

I feel like it shouldn’t be looked down upon, pursuing a career just for the money it brings, because some people just want financial freedom more than anything and thats ok to want.

Also, some successful people originally just went into it for the money.”

2. A noble ambition.

“I for one am a firm believer of the concept that working to support you hobby is a noble ambition.”

3. Show me the money.

“I’ve been applying for insurance type jobs and its always, “Why do you want to be a claims specialist (for example).”

Seriously who the f*ck actually wants to do this?

I WANT MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

4. Good point.

“I think the problem people see is that if you do it just for the money, and not because you like it, you won’t necessarily do a good job since you don’t have an actual interest in it.

It’s partially why so many Wall Street people get burned out real quick.

They make a stupid amount of money in a short time working 100+ hours but because a lot of them don’t necessarily like it they have to get out after like 2 or so years.”

5. Gotta pay the bills.

“I don’t think any kid thinks growing up they’ll want to be an MBA in Supply Chain Management or Finance but they grow up and they see how important money is.

Most want to do something that they enjoy (or think they will enjoy) or something that has a lot of glamour like films, TV, sports, politics but then the success rate in those isn’t that great and you need something to pay the bills.”

6. It helps to be good at it.

“Nobody has a passion for sh*t like this.

I mean, why would someone want to be a tax attorney or a proctologist?

However, what you do need to have is the right set of skills and personality traits that will make you GOOD at a job.

Being good at something gives you satisfaction.

Maybe if you are really meticulous and like reading, you’ll be a good tax attorney.

If you are good with math, you’ll be a good actuary, etc.”

7. To each their own.

“Some people want big families.

Some people want flexible hour jobs.

Some people want money.

To each their own.”

8. Words of wisdom.

“I quit a job once and my grandfather asked me why…Because I didn’t like it.

He shook his head and said “You think I like what I do? I do it because it pays good money.

It bought me a house, two cars, and a boat I can fish in on the weekends.

I work for money, because I like to fish.”

The man said maybe a few hundred words to me his whole life.

I remember most of them because when he spoke, it was meaningful.”

9. Working towards a goal.

“I’m working a job that I just tolerate as a decent paying job with low stress.

It affords me enough to develop my programming skills while I make a video game.

But my ultimate goal is to be able to work full-time on my own projects.

Everyone’s got goals and that’s mine. “

10. Problematic.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money, and your 9-5 doesn’t have to be your passion.

I think it’s problematic to convince people they have to love every second of their job, because frankly very few people actually do.”

11. It’s true…

“Go for the money.

If you’re ever truly broke, like homeless broke, for a chunk of time your perspective on work(or at least mine) changes dramatically. Make your money my dude. If you ever are trying to bath yourself with the $.99 gallon of water and a five gallon bucket the importance of money seems pretty clear.

Do what you have to do and then if you get some free time do what you want to do. Real life is hard no matter how rich you get, but at least you don’t have to worry about an empty stomach and a bed.”

12. Not the right thing to do.

“If only all jobs were actually useful.

Some of the least important things make the most money. I’d be happy for people going for money, if the most important stuff were also incentivized the most with money.

Until then, it’s literally not the right thing to do. I understand it, but don’t sugar-coat bullsh*t either.”

13. Think about the jet ski!

“I have 2 teenage children and it seems that every adult at their schools says something to the effect of “find a job you love to do, and you never will work a day in your life”.

I used to love to fish until I worked as a 1st mate on a fishing boat over a summer.

Haven’t enjoyed fishing since the 2000s.

I tell my kids to get a job that makes enough money to afford a jet ski, because have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski?”

14. A sign of maturity.

“I honestly think it’s a sign of maturity and being realistic if you can simply find something you’re good at and qualified for and just be content.

The idea of a dream job just isn’t realistic for most people. I spent too long chasing a career I thought I wanted, and it just wasn’t anything I’d ever break into. I’m at a job now that isn’t the best job ever, but I’m getting by and I really like the company. I’m hoping to figure out a way to maybe move up or around within, whether I earn certifications for something or whatever.

I like it because I have a flexible schedule, we get more paid holidays than I’ve ever had anywhere, company culture is super chill, and I’m just not crazy stressed or unhappy like I was at my last job.

I don’t go home exhausted and mentally drained, and were it not for COVID I would certainly be enjoying more hobbies and socializing in my spare time.”

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