Is It Really Funny To Share Embarrassing Stories About Your Friends? Person Shares Their Story.

I would venture a guess that many people go through a phase in their lives when they are less than empathetic toward others.

I would also say that the majority of people grow out of it when they realize no one is going to want to be friends with them if they don’t cut it out.

This person has not learned that lesson yet, but I have the feeling they’re about to after reading this story.

It began when one of his friends had way too much to drink. Instead of sending him home in an Uber, he agreed to let him stay over.

The friend was in bad shape.

A week ago I went out with friends and one (John) got so drunk they couldn’t walk. My friend was going to Uber John home but I said I’ll let him sleep at my place.

When we got to my apartment John got out of the car, fell asleep in a puddle when it was raining like crazy. I had to drag him inside. I leave him there and he’s twitching his head and can barely move. He was dead weight. I went into another room and he peed himself.

The next morning, the friend apologized profusely, paid OP to repair some damage, and got himself home.

The next day John was extremely embarrassed. He said he was sorry he was a burden and thankful I took care of him.

He made me take $50 to buy cleaning supplies and bought me breakfast then Uber to his car. He cleaned up too.

Awhile later, that friend, OP, and some other friends were at a dinner party together. OP brought up the incident, urging the friend to tell everyone what had happened.

Even though the friend clearly did not want to discuss it, OP decided it was cool to show the video to the table full people.

I didn’t see him since until a friend had a dinner party. At the dinner party I kept saying “John had an uh-oh the other day, John why don’t you tell everyone” then he kept saying no and this isn’t respectful of his boundaries to keep pushing if he said no.

Then I showed everyone a video of John twitching and passed out because I thought it was harmless and funny. John was like this isn’t the place and then I was like John tell everyone what happened.

The friend was upset and later called OP out on it, blocking him afterward.

The next day John texted me “listen sorry I was a burden, but I didn’t intentionally do that. I think it was unnecessary and cruel you tried to humiliate me at a dinner party with all our peers” then blocked me. I didn’t think it was a big of a deal as he made it.

AITA for sharing an embarrassing story of a friend?

OP wants to know whether or not he was wrong here, and I have a feeling Reddit isn’t going to hold back.

The top comment says there is a lot that’s super concerning about this story, and OP’s behavior is definitely one of those things.

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This commenter is very clear that OP is not being a good friend here. Not at all.

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Everyone, including this commenter, feels for the poor friend.

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And this person says OP will be lucky if he has any friends left after this at all.

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It’s just another sad sign of the times.

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Y’all, I hope that most of us can make better judgements like this, immediate access to a camera or not.

Would you forgive a “friend” who pulled this on you? Tell us why or why not in the comments!